Spring Term

We are now well back into the swing of Thursday evening sessions running through until Easter with a half-term break on 13th February. Some of us joined the wassail at the Granton Walled Garden on a Sunday afternoon in January. creating good vibes for the orchard trees there (especially the apple ones) as well as for the willing band of volunteers working hard to bring the garden back to life. Do check out this Community Garden if you weren’t already aware of it.

Christmas Break!

Wednesday 4th December was one of our rare performances – our ‘gig’ at the switching on of the Christmas lights at the Eric Liddell Centre to support their work here in Edinbugh.  There was a really good turnout- possibly the most we’ve ever had – and our singing (especially on the staircase inside) was much appreciated.

The other public activity that we sometimes engage in as a group is swelling the numbers at local Wassail events – for many years this has happened at community orchard’s in South Edinburgh, initially at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and more recently at the Community garden by Gracemount House.

On Sunday 26th January 2020, there will be a Wassail Sing at Granton Walled Garden ,  an amazing garden which is being reclaimed by the local community . The OCSG song-leader, Penny, will be leading the singing and anyone can come along to join in.  A Wassail is always a great event, when gratitude is sung to the trees for all their hard work, and  and often involves a bonfire and hot apple juice .  It’s a lovely thing to do on a dark Winter’s afternoon.  Anyone in Edinburgh, particularly those local to Granton should take the opportunity to come along and discover the garden and singing!

We’re now on Christmas break, so not meeting 19th and 26th December or 2nd January, reconvening on 9th January 2020…

Autumn Term – Supporting The Climate Strike!

Many of us gathered on Middle Meadow Walk on Friday 20th September to join in the singing, led by Protest in Harmony, and support local school children running the Edinburgh Climate Strike event.

It all went off in a very orderly and positive fashion with much banging of drums and waving of banners with many a pithy message.  It was a great experience to meet people from all areas and of all ages united in a common concern for the Climate emergency that we’re now in.   Whilst making our way down the Royal Mile and joining in chants, seeking to raise our voices together, we were heartened and cheers of applause went up as the bells were rung out at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in support of the marchers!

We’ll seek to continue to help in any way we can to try and bring about positive change and to persuade our government particularly to act with other governments in making meaningful changes and so try and secure a better future to enable people to adapt to the changes that are inevitably coming.

The singing group is now running through till just before Christmas with a break on the 17th October.  On Wednesday 4th December we will be singing for the switching on of the Christmas lights at the Eric Liddell Centre.  If you want to join in – try and get yourself along to some Thursday night sessions so you’ll know what we’re singing!

We’re running through now to the end of July

and are learning 6 songs being sung by a number of choirs at the Edinburgh Water-Aid event on 15th June in which some of us will be participants. We’ve also been covering some songs made famous by Pete Seager in anticipation of the Pete Seager Singathon organised by our song leader Penny Stone in celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

We’re well into 2019 Sessions

Having started the year with a self-led session (which we are able to do now again when our song leader Penny Stone isn’t available) the Spring term is well underway running through to 4th April when we will have a two-week break for Easter and restart on 25th April. We’ve already tackled some new songs – we list the songs sung each week on the Latest Songs page where you can track back and see just how diverse a range we sing. One feature so far this year has been tackling the body percussion that accompanies Bring a Little Water, Silvy – Penny is helping us put it together very slowly but the challenge is well worth it giving the number another dimension. Because people can drop in at any time, Penny always recaps for those who are new or haven’t been for a while. To find out more details about the group do look at the About page.

Looking forward to 2019!

We’re now on our mid-winter break, time for hunkering down and eating good food to put on an  that healthy extra layer of fat to get us through the chill of winter…

Singing has been a heartening and encouraging experience in 2018 as new folks have joined us.   With lots of challenging times ahead, no doubt, in 2019 our signing group will keep finding new songs to share, as well as old favourites, to bolster our spirits and keep us in good company.   We look forward to creating interesting harmonies for whatever may come in the New Year!