We’re well into 2019 Sessions

Having started the year with a self-led session (which we are able to do now again when our song leader Penny Stone isn’t available) the Spring term is well underway running through to 4th April when we will have a two-week break for Easter and restart on 25th April. We’ve already tackled some new songs – we list the songs sung each week on the Latest Songs page where you can track back and see just how diverse a range we sing. One feature so far this year has been tackling the body percussion that accompanies Bring a Little Water, Silvy – Penny is helping us put it together very slowly but the challenge is well worth it giving the number another dimension. Because people can drop in at any time, Penny always recaps for those who are new or haven’t been for a while. To find out more details about the group do look at the About page.


Looking forward to 2019!

We’re now on our mid-winter break, time for hunkering down and eating good food to put on an  that healthy extra layer of fat to get us through the chill of winter…

Singing has been a heartening and encouraging experience in 2018 as new folks have joined us.   With lots of challenging times ahead, no doubt, in 2019 our signing group will keep finding new songs to share, as well as old favourites, to bolster our spirits and keep us in good company.   We look forward to creating interesting harmonies for whatever may come in the New Year!

Autumn Term has started!

We’re back into the swing of the Autumn term.  We won’t meet on Thurs 18th Oct, but will meet all other Thursdays up to a date in December yet to be confirmed, possibly 13th Dec…  On Wed 5th December we will have a short performance before the switching on of the Christmas Lights at the Eric Liddell Centre, followed by a few more songs inside the centre afterwards.

Newcomers welcome throughout the year – we learn by ear, so no need to read music to participate, just a willingness to explore your voice and have fun!

Anticipating Mandela’s Centenary & Easter Break

We’ve had an interesting first few months to the year – an unusually wintery spell, being snowed off for the first time ever in our history, as Edinburgh ground to a halt in an exciting white out.  Except for that we’ve met weekly 6.30pm every Thursday at the Eric Liddell Centre up to 29th March.  Now we are on a two week break resuming 19th April, when hopefully the snow that has returned may have given way again to spring.  The group enjoys songs from around the world, particularly those which build community spirit and support the development of more equal and participatory societies and so we not infrequently draw on the folk tradition of songs for human rights.  Within this tradition the struggle against Apartheid is significant and July 18th 2018 will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of Rolihlahla Mandela in Mvezo S.Africa, maybe better known as Nelson Mandela.  In the run up to this anniversary we will  be covering some relevant songs, including a new composition specifically commissioned for the occasion – yes if you want to be involved in a World Premier, come and join us!  All this in preparation for a celebratory event at Portobello beach set for Saturday 21st July to which all are cordially invited.

To Easter and Beyond!

We’ve successfully kept ourselves warm through a chilly first couple of months to the year with a combination of Beatles love and folk harmonies from around the world.  Our weekly singing continues right up to and including March 29th 2018, then we’ll have a two week break and recommence on Thursday 19th April 2018.   This year being the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth we’ll be doing a few more S. African songs in preparation for a celebratory event (still in the planning, so no date fixed as yet) to take place on Portobello beach.  Possibly in May, details will be posted when available…  As ever new singers are welcome to come and try us any week and it’s been a pleasure to welcome a number of new folk in 2018 as well as some old hands returning after various pauses – the latest songs page gives you an idea of what we sing each week.