We were unable to meet during the prolonged months of the Covid pandemic but as of early September 2021 we have been holding weekly hour long sessions in a Member’s garden close to our original venue of the Eric Liddell Centre, weather permitting. This is to give us time to review our indoor venue situation with regard to safe ventilation needs. However, to get a feel for our approach, after the emboldened text below we have left the description of the group as we were operating before Covid.

Note that because of limited numbers for our current garden sessions, we have a booking system (so far we have been able to accommodate everyone), so newcomers, who are very welcome, will need to ask to be added to our mailing list by contacting us at opencommunitysinginggroup@gmail.com.

Also of note – during the pandemic, our Song Leader, Penny Stone, sent us a weekly video with a song to learn and sing along with her, including harmonies. You can access these videos on Penny’s website with the link www.singlouderthanguns.com/singalong-songs/ and there are many more videos there for you to explore and enjoy. 


We are a very friendly, secular Edinburgh singing group with no auditions and no music to read.  Everyone with a desire to sing is welcome – whether untrained or musically adept. For people who want to sing but are a little scared or hesitant – “I can’t Singers” – the group will suit you well. People can come along on a drop in basis or pay for multiple sessions (details below). We aim to be accessible and flexible.

Our singing style varies hugely from song to song – whether it’s a blues number, a Georgian folk song, a Sami yoik, a Beach Boys hit, a gentle African lullaby or a highly rhythmical indigenous song.  You’ll get to learn all the parts for a harmony, not just one, so you can play with singing different parts and even switch parts while we’re singing if you want to…  We’re not a performing choir, so there’s no pressure and it’s a safe space for you to find your voice and try different singing styles.

Penny Stone is our incredible, charismatic teacher who specialises in voice production and encourages us to experiment, play, have fun and be creative. Teaching is by ear i.e. call and response.

We meet weekly on Thursdays from 1830-2030 (6.30pm to 8.30pm) at the Eric Liddell centre on Morningside Road, Edinburgh and anyone is welcome to come along. We suggest you bring a bottle of water as singing can be thirsty work, though water is provided, if you forget.

We are self funding and cover all our costs from our subs.  We are an open group and believe everyone should have the chance to sing, regardless of their ability to pay. For this reason we don’t have fixed rules for concession eligibility.  Please make sure to pay the full rate if you can, however if the full rate would prevent you from coming, do use the concession facility. If the concession rate is too much for you, please contact us confidentially by email and we will try and find a way that works well for your situation.

Whichever sub you pay, if you are a little more flush some weeks, then please feel free to make a donation – this helps us keep our concessionary rates as low as possible for those who really need them.

We offer a first “taster” session for £5, thereafter it’s £8 (concessions £5) drop in, or £35 for five sessions (over a reasonable period of time).

Do join us!