Autumn Term – Supporting The Climate Strike!

Many of us gathered on Middle Meadow Walk on Friday 20th September to join in the singing, led by Protest in Harmony, and support local school children running the Edinburgh Climate Strike event.

It all went off in a very orderly and positive fashion with much banging of drums and waving of banners with many a pithy message.  It was a great experience to meet people from all areas and of all ages united in a common concern for the Climate emergency that we’re now in.   Whilst making our way down the Royal Mile and joining in chants, seeking to raise our voices together, we were heartened and cheers of applause went up as the bells were rung out at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in support of the marchers!

We’ll seek to continue to help in any way we can to try and bring about positive change and to persuade our government particularly to act with other governments in making meaningful changes and so try and secure a better future to enable people to adapt to the changes that are inevitably coming.

The singing group is now running through till just before Christmas with a break on the 17th October.  On Wednesday 4th December we will be singing for the switching on of the Christmas lights at the Eric Liddell Centre.  If you want to join in – try and get yourself along to some Thursday night sessions so you’ll know what we’re singing!