Christmas 2016 and into 2017

Thursday 15th Dec is our last meeting before Christmas and the New Year. We’ve had a busy term and are building up to recording a few of our favourite songs so that folks visiting will have a better feel of the kind of singing we do together – and of course will be encouraged to come along and join in!

Our first effort may well be a rendition of “Era Nato Poveretto” brought to us by an Italian member who has since returned to Italy and is apparently looking forward to us sending our recording so she can share it with her Italian singing group 🙂

We resume in the New Year on Thurs 12th January 2017 and look forward to welcoming new members – especially folks interested in the wassail tradition as we’ll be participating in wassails at community orchards in January.

Autumn 2016

We’re back singing together every Thursday except 20th OCT – when we’re NOT MEETING, then we expect to continue until whenever we get around to breaking for Christmas.  We had a great first session last week with a number of new songs, lots of fun messing around with “Rhythm & Syncopation” and a pretty decent effort at Barbara Ann, despite over half of us wanting the luxury of singing the tune, the backing singers did very well to hold their own!  No doubt lots more exciting new songs to be experimented with through the Autumn and maybe some harmony jamming sessions too…

Summer Songs 2016

We’ve had a full spring and summer, finally performing California Dreaming at the Eric Liddell Centre Spring Fling, now with midsummer and the festival rapidly approaching we will be having our final singing session at the Eric Liddell Centre before our summer break on Thurs 14 July 2016 and resuming on Thurs 8th September 2016. For the last two weeks in July we will join the Sangstream summer drop in workshops across the road at Christ Church Hall, 7-9pm, see here for latest info:

To see a list of songs we’ve covered during this year so far, check out our latest songs page where we note each week’s songs.

Welcoming Wassail in 2016!

Our weekly singing resumes on Thursday 14th January and we will be joining with the community in Gracemount this Saturday 16th Jan with a wassail event at the Gracemount Mansion Community Centre EH16 6FD where there is a fabulous walled garden and we can see how well the apple trees have done since our wassail to them last year. Event poster here

We had a full and busy time before Christmas, joining in with Protest in Harmony to sing at the Edinburgh Climate March in support of the climate conference in Paris and also performing a Yoik in support of indigenous peoples on Portobello beach on Sunday 6th Dec 2015 – link to video here!

Christmas 2015 and beyond!

Our last singing session for will be Thursday 17th December and our first of 2016 will the Thurs 14th January.  Recent highlights of the autumn term have included participating in the Climate March of 28th Nov and we anticipate contributing to a Yoik in solidarity with indigenous peoples around the world threatened by climate change to take place Sun 6th Dec on Portobello beach – a link to youtube video may follow!

Autumn 2015 Approaching

It’s time to join together and sing again :o)   The fringe and festival are past and the first touches of Autumn are in the trees.  It was lovely to have a number of new faces joining us in our first week back on 3rd Sept, so if you’re hesitating about coming and wondering if you’ll be the only new one, have no fear, you won’t be alone and any anxieties should soon drop away as you relax and begin to enjoy playing with sound and making noises with us!

Festival and Fringe August 2015

With random ridiculously heavy rain clouds it’s clearly July in Edinburgh and building up to a really wet welcome for all the festival visitors.  So we’ll be taking a break from singing during August to allow more time for exploring the fringe or escaping the town hustle and bustle.  Have fun, collect new music and song experiences and remember to bring them along to share with the group when we start up again on 3rd September 2015.